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If you are experiencing boiler problems or major issues in your mechanical room, contact New Water Plumbing. 

We provide a full range of boiler services in Thornhill including cleaning, maintenance, repair, replacement and gas leak detection. We have been serving residential customers across the GTA for over 20 years and providing dependable services on time.

Take a look at some of the similar services we can provide you with:

Replacement of refractory, heat exchangers, and venting

Booster heater repair and replacement

Booster pump services including motor rebuild/replacement, bearing assembly rebuild/replacement, pump repairs (recirculation, perimeter heating, heating and cooling)

Pressure reducing valve services including repair, rebuild and new installation

Troubleshooting mechanical room noise issues and complaints

Installation of vibration couplings

Storage tank services including replacement, inspections, anode replacement and relief valve replacement

Preventive maintenance mechanical contracts available, tailor-made to fit your building requirements

Don’t sit and wait during an emergency, call us right away.

24/7 Emergency Services

Our team has the right equipment and experience to fulfill your plumbing needs.

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