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New Water Plumbing offers the condominium property managers of Thornhill with 24/7 valve repair and other domestic hot and cold water services. Hot and cold water services are an essential requirement for all buildings including condos, commercial buildings, hotels, and hospitals. A sudden breakdown of the pipes can affect all of our lives in different ways. Whether there is poor water circulation throughout the pipework or the valve needs a replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Our team can help you with the below list of services:

Domestic water riser, recirculation line and branch line replacement

Domestic hot water boiler room re-pipes

Removal and replacement of Kitec® piping with PEX or Wirsbro plastic piping

Mixing valve repair and replacement

Riser and domestic water recirculation valve replacement

Hot and cold water cross-over investigation and solutions

Troubleshooting poor circulation issues

Troubleshooting low and lack of hot water in risers

Tracing and repair of pinhole leaks on domestic water

24/7 Emergency Services

Our team has the right equipment and experience to fulfill your plumbing needs.

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